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Date: Mon Nov 07 2005 - 10:43:44 EST

And perhaps Rick, the terms are correctly applied. For many I have
spoken with, this (whatever the 'this' is) is about "music". The word
"music" is added to the term used, as 'electroacoustic' or
'acousmatique' is the noun, and 'music' is the noun. Thus

electro-acoustic music
acousmatic music
computer music

My mind is a bit simple, and so I aim at a reduction as much as
possible, which is why I try to keep the term (and its parameters)
very simple.

Loudspeaker produces sound = electroacoustic

The grammar issue as you mention, is the 'noun' / 'adjective'
discussion. My last attempts to label recent pieces has settled upon:
"for violin and 8-channels of ea". I hope this can be understood that
there will be a violin and eight channels of loudspeakers.



At 8:12 AM +0000 11/7/05, Rick wrote:
>What you're saying is that EA _music_ is a genre as orchestral _music_
>is a genre. It looks from here not to be so much of a misnomer than a
>grammatical problem.
>It seems a bit funny to me to see a piece of music labled "This
>sTough" for electroacoustic music. You wouldn't see "Blacks Angels"
>for string quartet music. It's Black Angels for string quartet.
>Calling it EA 'for short' on a list like this means that a lot of
>people understand what you mean, but if anyone actually wants to talk
>about electroacoustics, then the conversation goes pear shaped. Also,
>if someone wants to call KMFDM (or MDFMK) electroacoustic music no one
>gets confused and starts analysing under the same criteria as Silver
>Apples of the Moon.
>Even below it's said "orchestral music is a genre". Why not
>"orchestral is a genre"? Because it doesn't make sense.
>On 11/7/05, Michael Gogins <> wrote:
> > EA is a genre in the same way that orchestral music is a genre.
>EA is music where the instrument is a computer or electronic gear in
>the sense that without the computer or the gear, the pieces do not
>sound so good.
> >
> > There are many styles from many periods with this genre (EA, or
>orchestral music) and yet, there are obvious commonalties deriving
>from the possibilities of the instrument.
> >
>> Best,
> > Mike
>Rick Nance
>De Montfort University
>Leicester, UK

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