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Subject: Re: CIMESP-Results Fwd:
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Mon Nov 07 2005 - 00:45:15 EST

I place a stereo microphone in my kitchen and open my back door so
that the sound of the city and fading rain come in. I start to
record. At about 8 minutes, my cat meeows. I take the recording and
very very slowly pass it through a high pass filter, slowly removing
everything below about 800Hz.

An orchestra makes sound. The gear doesn't make sound, it produces a
signal. The signal is transduced by a loudspeaker and the sound
appears as a (or more) point source(s). This is the commonality of
ea. (?)

Orchestral music is a sub-genre of (the meta-genre) "music".

In your proposed descriptor, is ea a meta-genre?



At 00:34 -0500 2005/11/07, Michael Gogins wrote:
>EA is a genre in the same way that orchestral music is a genre. EA
>is music where the instrument is a computer or electronic gear in
>the sense that without the computer or the gear, the pieces do not
>sound so good.
>There are many styles from many periods with this genre (EA, or
>orchestral music) and yet, there are obvious commonalties deriving
>from the possibilities of the instrument.

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