Re: Women in EA 5.7 / Buffy Sainte-Marie as Electronic Music Pioneeer

Subject: Re: Women in EA 5.7 / Buffy Sainte-Marie as Electronic Music Pioneeer
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Sun Nov 06 2005 - 22:09:50 EST


here are a few examples .. thanks for your search .. you may have to
purchase Illuminations CD etc for audio examples. i have Best of 2 with
Poppies & The Angels which are quite wonderful.
i'll continue to do research but wonder if any profs out there include
Sainte-Marie in their curriculum of Women in Electronic Music ? thanks

'The Angel' or 'The Poppies' with Electronic score by Michael
Czakowski (ascap) on the Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie Vol 2 (1971
Vanguard) Illuminations: Music
Illuminations, Buffy Sainte-Marie. ... This album made history as the
quadrophonic, electronic vocal and instrumental album. ... tg/detail/-/B00000E9BG?v=glance - 57k -
Cached - Similar pages

Buffy Sainte-Marie MP3 Downloads - Buffy Sainte-Marie Music ...
Buffy Sainte-Marie MP3 Downloads - offers legal Buffy
Sainte-Marie music
downloads as well as all of your favorite Buffy Sainte-Marie music
videos. - 66
... out of her very early (1960s) ventures into electronic music and
film scoring.
... Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ph.D., is much in demand as a Keynote speaker.
... details.asp

                                Today, her digital home studio is as
personal and hands-on for her as a guitar was in
                                the sixties. Her come-back CD,
Coincidence and Likely Stories, was made at
                                home in 1991. Using her Macintosh as a
recording instrument, she played most of
                                the parts herself. When it was just the
way she wanted it, she dialed the number of
                                her co-producer in London, England, and
sent the music down the phone lines via
                                modem, bounced it off the satellite, and
it went onto tape in London.

                                Upon the release of that album, France
named her Best International Artist and
                                presented her with the Grand Prix
Charles de Gaulle Award. In Ottawa, newspapers
                                reviewed her performance with the
85-piece electronic band for 20,000 people last
                                summer at Big Sky in Alberta, as well as
for tiny Reserves and fly-in communities
                                across Canada.

                                Today Buffy teaches at colleges, and
lectures in a variety of fields including digital
                                art, philosophy, film scoring,
electronic music, song writing, Indian issues and the
                                Native genius for governments. Most
importantly, Buffy teaches to remain positive
                                amidst tough human realities. Her
digital paintings vary in style as do her songs,
                                speeches, classes and essays, each
reflecting her lifelong wish to empower creative
                                people's multifaceted individual
potentials "…because we need fresh alternative ideas
                                from every direction...students, artist,
women, and indigenous people."

best of luck, sylvi macCormac (eating rice pudding)

Kevin Austin wrote:

> Sorry, but I have been unable to find references (apart from here)
> and notes about Buffy Sainte-Marie's use of 'experimental musics',
> although it is mentioned in her bio.
> Are you able to send some URLs where there audio examples?
> Thanks
> Best
> Kevin
> At 09:27 -0700 2005/11/06, sylvi macCormac wrote:
> >btw, do you have any info on Courses in EA that include Buffy
> >Sainte-Marie's work ?

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