Women in EA 5.7 / Buffy Sainte-Marie as Electronic Pioneeer

Subject: Women in EA 5.7 / Buffy Sainte-Marie as Electronic Pioneeer
From: sylvi macCormac (macCormac@shaw.ca)
Date: Sat Nov 05 2005 - 22:39:28 EST

dear CEC et al (international conpherence)

do or will there be courses in th Academies de EA that include Buffy
Sainte-Marie as early Electronic Music Pioneer ?

ie 'The Angel' or 'The Poppies' with Electronic score by Michael
Czakowski (ascap) on the Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie Vol 2 (1971

http://creativenative.org - http://www.cradleboard.org - sainte-marie's
sites for music & education ...

if you've further info, please send info / urls. thank you / huy chewx a
/ merci / graçias ... in advance ..

north west regards from Turtle Island aka North Ameria (see/hear

best & care, sylvi macCormac
http://www.sylvi.ca / na / da / bc
siwash rock & soundscape compostion

2005 Nov 11 SFU 40th Anniversary - Electroacoustic Concert with Barry
Truax, Hildegard Westerkamp, Jean Piché, John Oswald, Martin Gotfrit,
Arne Eigenfeldt, Anne Holmes and Voices of a Place: Hildegard Westerkamp
inside the Soundscape a portrait of th composer by sylvi macCormac
(6:39) 1998

from Voices and Wheels CD 2000 ~ 9 tracks - to hear compositions (while
quantities last) : http://SONUS.CA

1. Voices of a Place: Hildegard Westerkamp inside the Soundscape, an
audio portrait of the composer (6:39) 1998
voices: HW & West Coast Canada Soundscape; violin: Blaine Dunaway;
words: HW from interview, improv & thesis “Listening & Soundmaking”;
editing, recordings & composing: sylvi macCormac; Soundscape recordings:
sylvi & World Soundscape Project archives @ Simon Fraser University
(1998) printed with article, Conversing with Nature: Reflections on
Hildegard Westerkamp’s “Talking Rain” - Soundscape Minimalism MW #74 -

Voices of a Place presented 2004 in CREATIVE RADIO: New School Univ
Electroacoustic Music by Women Composers, Univ of North Texas, 1999 -


UTS'AM / WITNESS song • sound • story
for John Clarke / Xwexwsélkn (1945-2003)

with Buffy Sainte-Marie, Bruce Cockburn,
Barry Truax & Squamish Eagle Song Dancers

(p) 2004 Uts'am / Witness. all proceeds to http://www.utsam-witness.ca
& http://www.wepbc.ca - Squamish Culture & Wilderness Education Programs


Changing Times : Co-op Radio (42:30)
with christopher clapper on th street
& buffy sainte-marie backwords
radio archives, field recordings, interviews
on Changing Locations : Sound Art Vol 2


Canadian Music Centre - Electricities / Électricités CD 2003 -
http://www.musiccentre.ca - including " the
    gently haunting ambience of Sylvi MacCormac's 'penny: a process' ...
" Electricities/Électricités' offers 37
    new windows in a brief tour into the extraordinarily rich and divers
history, geography and currents of
    Canadian electroacoustic music drawn from the huge catalogue of the
Canadian Music Centre's Distribution
    Service. 'Electricities / Électricités' travels through time, from
Hugh LeCaine's 1957 pioneering and artful
    experiments with the world's first 'Sackbut' synthesizer on 'The
Burning Deck' and Ann Southam's sparse
    and elegant 'Reprieve' from 1979, to the cutting edge and ground
breaking contemporary works of Robert
    Normandeau and Louis Dufort."

Penny: a Process (3:00) presented EuCuE - 2005 Université Concordia,
Quebec - http://cec.concordia.ca


Honourable Mention, Synthèse 1999
for 'Waves of Kokoro' (10:45)
International Electroacoustic Music Conference
Bourges, France - http://www.imeb.net

Marcia Award for Electroacoustic Arts 1999 - http://www.sfu.ca


YO! Able Dis! on line at Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar
http://kalvos.org/shows/kalx0604.ram - yo able dis !
http://www.kalvos.org/maccorm.html - text & image
http://kalvos.org/shows-2005.html - 2005 interviews


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