Fwd: Call for proposals - Perspectives on Music in Canada

Subject: Fwd: Call for proposals - Perspectives on Music in Canada
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@videotron.ca)
Date: Fri Nov 04 2005 - 13:52:37 EST

>The University of Calgary is pleased to announce a symposium on the
>topic "Perspectives on Music in Canada." The symposium will be held
>at the Rozsa Centre at the University of Calgary from Wednesday
>evening, January 25, 2006, to Friday, January 27, 2006. The
>symposium is being held in conjunction with Happening, The
>University of Calgary New Music Festival.
>Montreal composer John Rea will be the featured composer at the
>festival and will also speak at the symposium. A recipient of many
>awards, Rea has also received many commissions and has composed a
>large number of compositions in genres ranging from chamber music,
>music theatre, electroacoustic music, to works for large ensembles.
>In addition to his activities as a composer, Rea has lectured and
>published articles on various aspects of twentieth-century music.
>The conference will also present a keynote address by Carl Morey,
>Former Dean of Music at the Faculty of Music, The University of
>Toronto. Now a professor emeritus, Morey held the Jean A. Chalmers
>Chair in Canadian Music at The University of Toronto from 1991 until
>his retirement in 2000. He has published in a variety of journals
>and is the author of Music in Canada: A Research and Information
>Guide. In addition to his interest in the musical life of Canada,
>Dr. Morey has written on opera and has edited the works of Glenn
>Dr. Mary Ingraham of The University of Alberta will present a second
>keynote address. Dr. Ingraham is the Director of Liberal Studies in
>the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta. Ingraham's
>research interests include 20th-century Canadian music, opera and
>music drama, the confluence of musicology and gender studies,
>psychoanalytic theory and literary criticism, and the business of
>Proposals on any aspect of music in Canada-including, but not
>limited to, historiography, compositional techniques, analytical
>studies, cultural identity, lecture recitals, folk and indigenous
>studies, performances, etc.-are welcome and should be submitted
>electronically by NOVEMBER 15, 2005.
>Submission format:
>1) Proposals should be no longer than three pages (including
>footnotes or endnotes); they should be double-spaced and use a
>12-point font. Proposals should be anonymous and articulate clearly
>the paper's premise.
>2) Proposals should be submitted electronically as either a MS
>Word or .pdf document email attachment to
><mailto:welling@ucalgary.ca>welling@ucalgary.ca. Please put
>"Symposium 2006" in the subject heading. Confirmation of proposals
>received will be made electronically upon their receipt.
>3) Include a cover letter listing the title of the paper, the
>author's name, with rank and institutional affiliation (if
>applicable), and the author's address, telephone number and email
>address. Please also list any technical requirements (stereo,
>piano, computer, overhead projector, etc.) in the cover letter.
>For more information on both the symposium and the New Music
>Festival, please visit
><http://www.newmusic.ffa.ucalgary.ca>newmusic.ffa.ucalgary.ca or
>contact Joelle Welling, Assistant Professor of Music Theory,
>University of Calgary (by email at
><mailto:welling@ucalgary.ca>welling@ucalgary.ca or by phone at (403)

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