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Subject: RE: endangered whooping cranes & exploding stars * we-pods
From: David Prescott (
Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 21:53:07 EST

Hi, Sylvi:

At last... A question I can answer. There are several whooping cranes living
in a stewardship situation here in central Wisconsin just up the road from
where I live. I've seen some of them in the wild. 2 nearby organizations
look after their well being. See:

These and the Sandhill Cranes are amazing. I came here from Vermont, where
this kind of immense bird migration doesn't exist.

Keeping it to the topic of EA, I used to have some Aries comb filter modules
that could sound like Cranes if I used enough resonance...

Warm regards from the Midwest,

David Prescott

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Subject: endangered whooping cranes & exploding stars * we-pods

dear CEC international conpherence

would you please direct 'us' to WWW information on th endangered whooping
cranes, including but not limited to sound ? they fly from Wood Buffalo
National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada to Aransus National Wildlife Refuge in
Texas on th Gulf of Mexico. Th oldest known whooping crane, aka Green-Red
for th bands on her ankles, was found dead in Wood Buffalo. There are only
450 world wide.

They say exploding stars may have killed th Mammoths. If Mammoths could sing
what would they sound like ? Elephants ? Buffalo ? Bison ? We wouldn't know
this kind of info without th good folks at NASA. Thank You. If you've
further WWW info, please post.

Scientists / Composers / Educators / Techno-Geeks - i'm honoured to 'stand'
among you ... even if without Para-Language th WWW still can't convey
gesture & nuance ... hmmm, if neo-code can't solve that ... perhaps th
We-Pods can .. is any one working on dat ? :-)

west regards, sylvi macCormac
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