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Subject: Re: endangered whooping cranes & exploding stars * we-pods
From: Ralf Muhlberger (
Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 20:57:03 EST

Hi Sylvi

In a related vein you might enjoy checking out the various crane
pieces in the Shakuhachi repertoire, where they have quite a large
presence. Stan Richardson particularly has made this a key part of
his practice.


On 04/11/2005, at 10:07 AM, sylvi macCormac wrote:

> dear CEC international conpherence
> would you please direct 'us' to WWW information on th endangered
> whooping cranes, including but not limited to sound ? they fly from
> Wood
> Buffalo National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada to Aransus National
> Wildlife
> Refuge in Texas on th Gulf of Mexico. Th oldest known whooping crane,
> aka Green-Red for th bands on her ankles, was found dead in Wood
> Buffalo. There are only 450 world wide.
> They say exploding stars may have killed th Mammoths. If Mammoths
> could
> sing what would they sound like ? Elephants ? Buffalo ? Bison ? We
> wouldn't know this kind of info without th good folks at NASA. Thank
> You. If you've further WWW info, please post.
> Scientists / Composers / Educators / Techno-Geeks - i'm honoured to
> 'stand' among you ... even if without Para-Language th WWW still can't
> convey gesture & nuance ... hmmm, if neo-code can't solve that ...
> perhaps th We-Pods can .. is any one working on dat ? :-)
> west regards, sylvi macCormac

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