Re: [CEC] EA Performance Rights

Subject: Re: [CEC] EA Performance Rights
From: James Bailey (
Date: Wed Nov 02 2005 - 23:05:32 EST

> In all the years I've produced Foldover on WOBC (six years now), I
> don't believe ASCAP has ever asked to see our playlist. As far as I
> know, no one on my program has been paid. However, every year WOBC
> carefully pays fees to all the rights organizations (BMI, ASCAP,
> internet, and so on) - so our money goes into the collection pool.

At CKLN and, so I understand, other community stations in Canada, there
are about four SOCAN surveys per year. They cover a full day and night,
but only for about a five day span, so there are always a few shows that
get missed each time (not the same ones since it doesn't always cover the
same days of the week).

> My fear of course, is that ASCAP and BMI only take surveys from pop-
> format stations and our works will never appear on those playlists.
> Then again, the commercial stations pay substantial sums into the
> collection pool (small, college-run stations pay relatively little)
> and it's no secret that money collected from commercial and pop
> venues support classical composers.

I can't comment on ASCAP and BMI, since I don't know, but it might be
worth looking into. I would imagine that fees paid by various stations are
relative to financial means.

The only royalty cheque I ever got, after 16 years of being registered
with SOCAN, was for $54CDN for "non-commercial airplay." I have no idea
where or when.


James Bailey & Ron McFarlan
hosts: Electric Storm / A Missing Sense
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