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From: Louis Dufort (
Date: Wed Nov 02 2005 - 18:45:59 EST

I must disagree here. I'm happy to find that EA has finally arrived in a
classical period. The surprises does not come necessarily from new sounds
palette, re-inventing of the form or structure but more from "what does it
say", "where the composer brings me". In this case the David Berezan
excerpt was to me very compelling. Yes I knew those sounds, yes we know
that going form FFF to pppp in a second is a well known effect but the
phrasing is very well done, nice polyphonic texture, very good
orchestration, nice rhythmical evolution and all this converged to a very
nice sound immersion experienced that can be call music.

This being said, this more "acousmatic" esthetic seems to gain more and more
popularity amongst EA composer but your right, there is some redundancy (i.e
GRM resonnance plug-in...) but I guess it's just like many composer of the
19th century that did big romantic orchestral works but only few on them

The cool thing about art that find itself in a more classical period is that
some composers, maybe like you Eliot, get bored and offer some new exciting

Bourge festival (2003) did give the big prize to Ambrose Field for his piece
"A hell of a place to loose a cow" which was very innovative.

There's hope Eliot!



> I listened to the 5 min. excerpt off the composer's site, and I must say
> I find it to be
> a compendium of EA rhetoric. The composer sounds very capable, but
> without the least bit of
> stylistic initiative.
> I would hope that these contests can help single out people with new
> ideas, not just those
> most entrenched in practices that resemble those of the judges.
> -- eliot

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