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Date: Wed Nov 02 2005 - 16:12:35 EST

oooohh nastyyy

I like that piece, but maybe an mp3 doesn't do it justice. Maybe 5
minutes either. But then I've heard it a few times, in concert and at
home (not an mp3.) Maybe that's an advantage. I'm not really sure all
EA works are made to grok at first sitting (although I quite liked
this one early on (I'm very old-fashioned)) and an mp3 file is hardly
capable of delivering the detail in the materials. It's good for a
hint. Like looking at guernica or the The hallucinogenic matador on a
coffee table (or a 12" 72dpi screen). I'm not sure I'd feel
comfortable judging (indeed panning) a work in public with that kind
of (or lack of) evidence.


One thing I've noticed about new ideas; They unfortunately don't
_always_ equate with good music. NOT that they shouldn't be recognized
and lauded and heaps of money thrown at them (please see my website)


On 11/2/05, Eliot Handelman <> wrote:

> >> *Berezan, David (1967) - Canada* Styal (2004)
> >> Acousmatic
> >
> I listened to the 5 min. excerpt off the composer's site, and I must say
> I find it to be
> a compendium of EA rhetoric. The composer sounds very capable, but
> without the least bit of
> stylistic initiative.
> I would hope that these contests can help single out people with new
> ideas, not just those
> most entrenched in practices that resemble those of the judges.
> -- eliot

Rick Nance
De Montfort University
Leicester, UK

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