Re: [CEC] EA Performance Rights

Subject: Re: [CEC] EA Performance Rights
From: David Mooney/Maxine Heller (
Date: Wed Nov 02 2005 - 08:52:50 EST

This is so, but only if the venue sends ASCAP, etc., a list of what
they play. IME, this doesn't always happen. Same with radio
broadcasts. If the station doesn't send ASCAP a play list, the
composer gets no royalties. So it is at least partially an
"enforcement" situation.

At 11:43 PM 11/1/2005, you wrote:
>Your former student is operating under a misconception. Performance rights
>must be obtained from the copyright holder or from the legal agent of the
>copyright holder (such as ASCAP or SOCAN) for a public performance.
>Normally this is done through a blanket license held by the venue where the
>public performance is made. Most colleges and universities have these sorts
>of licensing agreements. [...snip...]

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