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Subject: Re: [CEC] EA Performance Rights
From: Barry Schrader (
Date: Tue Nov 01 2005 - 23:43:58 EST


Your former student is operating under a misconception. Performance rights
must be obtained from the copyright holder or from the legal agent of the
copyright holder (such as ASCAP or SOCAN) for a public performance.
Normally this is done through a blanket license held by the venue where the
public performance is made. Most colleges and universities have these sorts
of licensing agreements. If a copyrighted and licensed work is presented in
such a venue, there is no problem because the institution must submit all
programs to the licensing organization(s). (This assumes that the composer
is a member of a licensing organization and has registered the work(s) in
question.) Also, there are certain differences from one country to another.

EAM is no different than other works using the (p) copyright.

For information on this as well as other notated topics, I suggest you look
at <>. There is some
additional information at <>.

Of course, many composers of eam may be only too happy to have their works
presented, period, and not be too concerned about the licensing issues. But
it's good to understand what the realities are under the law.



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> From: Elainie Lillios <>
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> Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 22:31:28 -0500
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> Subject: [CEC] EA Performance Rights
> Dear Colleagues:
> A former student of mine has started presenting electroacoustic
> concerts in various venues. It's my understanding that he's not
> making any money on these concerts and views them as an opportunity
> to present new music to varied audiences.
> He emailed me with the following questions about performance rights
> and I don't know how to answer him. Can you help?
> Here are his questions. I appreciate your comments.
> Best,
> Elainie Lillios
> My question is about performance rights- I know that with sheet music,
> one purchases performance rights by purchasing the music. What of EA
> music? Do you know how one brings oneself up to code there? Does
> buying a cd confer performance rights? Do you need to write for
> permission, and if so, with sheet music one writes to the publisher
> and not the composer?

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