Re: MFA vs. PhD

Subject: Re: MFA vs. PhD
From: Ralf Muhlberger (
Date: Mon Oct 31 2005 - 22:13:09 EST

Issue 4 of Printed Project is about the PhD issue in studio art, and
although it is visual arts based in terms of the articles and
examples, I think it applies equally well to sound art. Well worth a


On 01/11/2005, at 9:40 AM, Chris DeLaurenti wrote:

> Recently, I was part of a panel that fielded questions from
> students about various aspects of sound art, electroacoustic music,
> and improvisation. We covered everything from field recording/
> phonography to doing sound design for games to the annoying
> ubiquity of certain MAX/MSP patches.
> We came to an impasse when a music undergrad asked if she would be
> better off pursuing an MFA or a PhD. Apparently both are "terminal"
> degrees, but no one could agree. She makes electroacoustic music
> and is primarily interested in university/college teaching.
> For folks on the list: do colleges/universities hire MFAs to teach
> sound art or does the Ph.D still hold sway? Does one carry more
> "weight" than another?
> I have no experience in the matter - apart from seeing job postings
> seeking "Ph.D or equivalent (experience)" - and kept mum while the
> sparks (some of which seemed to be born of traumatic experience) flew.
> Perhaps the question (and answers from the wise souls who know)
> might be of interest to others on the list?
> Chris

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