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Subject: Fwd: Oscillations Weekend
From: jef chippewa (jef@econtact.ca)
Date: Mon Oct 31 2005 - 12:28:46 EST

>From: CMC Atlantic Region <atlantic@musiccentre.ca>
>Subject: Oscillations Weekend
>Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 14:19:59 -0300
>Dear composers,
>I hope many of you have heard about the
>Oscillations weekend of electroacoustic music,
>taking place in Wolfville November 18-20. For
>those of you who were around two years ago,
>youíll know it will be an event worth attending.
>Iím hoping that many of you will have a chance
>to be there, either as audience members or
>participants in workshops and concerts.
>If you would like to take part in Robert
>Normandeauís workshops Saturday and/or Sunday,
>or if you are interested in having
>electroacoustic or mixed live
>performance/electronics works performed at one
>of the two concerts on Saturday evening, OR if
>you are interested in taking part in late night
>electronica at the university pub, please get in
>touch with me ASAP.
>For those of you who have students who are
>interested in attending, Iíd like to know those
>numbers too as soon as possible (approximate
>numbers are fine at this point). We are working
>on billeting for students.
>Hereís a (somewhat tentative) schedule for the weekend:
>Thursday November 17, late eveing. Set up sound
>system, Harvey Denton Hall, School of Music,
>Acadia University. Playtime for volunteers who
>help with setup, late night...
>Friday November 18, Concert, Robert Normandeau, 8 P.M., Denton Hall
>Saturday November 19 Lecture, Robert 10-11,
>individual workshops through the day with
>Robert, for students and established composers
>from the region. One hour concerts with workshop
>participants' works, 6 P.M. and 7.30 P.M. Local
>electronica at the student union pub, starting
>Sunday November 20, Workshops w Robert, morning,
>Denton. 2-3 Workshop with Janice Jackson, space
>TBA, "performing with live electronics or tape".
>Open rehearsal, Mixed (Diane Labrosse, Norman
>Adams, W.L. Altman), 3-4. Two concerts, 'Mixed'
>6 P.M., Janice Jackson 7.30. Approximately 9,
>takedown of equipment w. student volunteers.
>This email is going out to all CMC composers in
>the region, plus a few others who are on my
>email list. Please feel free to forward it to
>others who you think will have an interest in
>being there.
>Hope to see many of you there!
>Karin Aurell


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