Subject: apologies
From: sylvi macCormac (macCormac@shaw.ca)
Date: Sun Oct 30 2005 - 00:38:27 EDT

dear CEC et al

i wish to apologize for any jests that were misinterpreted and taken as
demeaning. i understand that people were insulted. i regret that my
humour was found to be dis.respectful.

in particular when referring to Man in th German i was referring to th
German Language ie Man is Generic for Human (as mentioned by iriXx
earlier). If a dictionary is not a member of our library forgive me.
Every Body and Every Member is Value.Able. i will refrain from what some
might consider insulting. Please accept my Sincere Apologies.

i will not make fun of NASA ... etc .. and look forward to hearing posts
about technical, aesthetic, academic, musical, theoretical concerns ...

best regards, sylvi macCormac
http://www.sylvi.ca / na / da / bc
electroacoustic grrrrrrrrl in eXile
learning to drive slowly in polite company

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