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Subject: Re: Mastering EA was French Touch
From: Dominique Bassal (
Date: Sat Oct 29 2005 - 11:42:32 EDT

Le 05-10-29, à 11:06, Richard Wentk a écrit :

> I didn't mean *your* studio.

Excuse me, I completely misinterpreted your remarks. English is not my
primary language, and that often places me in very uncomfortable
positions in debates.

> I'm occasionally paid to do mastering work, and it's guaranteed that
> if someone is mixing on budget monitors there will be plenty of bass
> slopping and rumbling below 100Hz.

Yes. And even on good monitors with uncontrolled acoustics.

> Why professional composers, who presumably have access to professional
> facilities, would be making similar basic mixing errors, I have no
> idea.

The facilities they use are university studios. Judging from most of
the works I receive that are composed and mixed in such environments (a
majority from Quebec and UK), it looks that they are designed with much
lower standards than the average contemporary commercial studio.
Speaker designs and studio acoustics have made significant progress in
the last 8-10 years : have most universities access to any budget to
upgrade accordingly? Are the responsibles able to choose and stay in
close relations with the rare technical resources that are in position
to deploy efficiently those new advances? Other in this list can answer
these questions better than me...


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Dominique Bassal

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