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Subject: Re: French Touch
From: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 15:06:29 EDT

> My examples were chosen to reveal the technical deficit between EA and
> pop. I feel that Pierre Alexandre's examples kind of confuse the issue
> in that regard (but maybe he is trying to demonstrate something
> completely different...)

I agree with Dominique's point of view. And yes, my point was elsewhere
than technological revolution. It was more about different creative
usage of a same toolkit, so I was judging the composition, not their

But if Genesis not the utmost sounding album of his time, neither is
Chion's in regard of his time in EA. But they out stand their time in
regard of the personal language, impact on the community and the fact
that they age really well.

For Radiohead and Dufort, both were made with basic mic, DAW and lot of
creativity. I have several albums that sounds better than Radiohead's
kid a, but very few with such a broad musical exploration, from grunge
to EA.

I will have a listen to Dominique's example anyway, mainly because I
really appreciate the conference and that his ears are amazing ;-) And
to hear those in a better context will teach me more about the gap we
EA composers have to fill. But again, this is an other subject...


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