Re: Max list moribund?

Subject: Re: Max list moribund?
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 10:20:59 EDT

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 09:18:39 +0100
From: Owen Green <>

The max list is alive and kicking. See

Max/MSP/Jitter List
If you wish to s*bscribe to the e-mail version of the Max List, you
may do so by sending a message to max-msp-s* (or
max-msp-digest-s* for the daily digest version).

replace * with "u"

I don't know about audio units wrt max; could be a case of priority as
opossed to difficulty (also, as soon as they introduce AU support,
Windows users will complain about the the lack of directx support :)

J. Simon van der Walt wrote:
> Looking at the archive of the max mailing list which is here;
> it would appear to be virtually dead for the last three years. That can't be
> right, can it? Is there some other max/msp mailing list/newsgroup I should
> know about?

> (My question being, why-oh-why doesn't max support audio units? How hard
> could that be?!?)

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