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Subject: Re: French Touch
From: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 04:40:21 EDT

Hi all!

Just a thought...

With the techno-kid generation encompassing Higher Education, I tend to
teach them the concept of sound object with Madonna's guitar line in
Don't Tell Me. They understand the power of sound materialisation like
an epiphany!

Then I go by the Plunderphonics and Aphex Twin's Drunks. A tad more
The Harrison's Klang, Daoust's Suite Baroque: Toccata (or l'Extase, but
with teenage, it might be a problem;)
Then Gobeil's Le Vertige Inconnu and Chion's Requiem

And the Coldcut's Return to Margin to differentiate sound effects and
creative usage of sound object. They do both in their intro...

I know some hardcore acousmatic lecturer might think I am profaning Le
traité, but I know someone that cares less than I do: the students ;-)
The main thing is to help them understand there is no difference
between pop and electroacoustic, neither in tools and methods, just in
the artistic usage and bias.

My favourite exemple to show that is to take two albums made on the
same year, creatively us the top of the studio techniques available at
the time.

Genesis's Selling England by the Pound
Michel Chion's Requiem
Radiohead's Kid A
Louis Dufort's Pointe-aux-Trembles

Again, I am open to comments: am I serving the cause and subvert their brain and knowledge, or am I tearing us apart, going nowhere? The lecture is given for this year, but I should give it back next year...

thank you for your thoughts


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