Re: French Touch

Subject: Re: French Touch
Date: Thu Oct 27 2005 - 14:09:28 EDT

Selon Louis Dufort <>:

> Ok, another big difference where in my case, I don't consider electronic
> music to be electroacoustic music. Electronic music is for me something
> much more attach to instrumental scheme and is very limited due to the fact
> that it is most of the time pitch oriented and not "sound" oriented (concept
> de l'objet sonore et de l'écoute réduite). Electroacoustic appeared when
> electronic music got mixed with music concrète.

For me as a French composer and musicologist it is a very strange opinion! But I
think it is just a problem of terminology. for exemple: actually, in France,
electronic music is techno music and electroacoustic music contains all genres
(acousmatic, mixed, musique concrète (in France, only used to define early
pieces of Schaeffer, Henry, etc.), etc...). The music of numerous IRCAM's
composers with real time used pitch oriented writting and are electroacoustic

I think the next EMS conference on terminlogy will be pvery interesting!

Au plaisir

Pierre Couprie

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