French Touch

Subject: French Touch
From: Louis Dufort (
Date: Thu Oct 27 2005 - 00:24:55 EDT

Taking about "reduced listening" and seeing that a lot of you out there are
aware of Pierre Schaeffer's writing made me wonder if english
electroacoustic teachers at Concordia, Mcgill, SFU, across Canada and US
give a complete course on sound perception using the Traité des objects
Musicaux as the principal source?

My guess is no and I would argue this is why our music is so different
between Québec, and the rest of Canada & US. In fact in England where I
believe do use a lot of Schaeffer principal notion seems to be closer to
Québec électro than the music made on the west side of St-laurent Street.

Diversity is certainly a sign of richness but one should wonder why is there
a huge gap on both side, although English speaking community do have their
Schafer, Murray it is, very strong on the west coast.

I must admit that the last EMS05 in MTL did make some very nice effort to
mix it up. Any comments on this would be appreciated.


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