Re: traduction/translation

Subject: Re: traduction/translation
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 23:03:46 EDT

Does this hold for vision and smell and taste?

When I figure out that the light is red, or that this is more blue
than that, is that 'reduced seeing'?

My proposition is that pitch (or frequency) is not an inherent
characteristic of sound, but comes into being through quantized time,
and means of separation of elements. I am proposing that the sound
object exists only in the imagination of the listener.



At 08:54 -0400 2005/10/26, Chris Leon wrote:
>I just read a text by Michel Chion in which he says:
> "When we identify the pitch of a tone or figure out an interval
>between two notes, we are doing reduced listening; for pitch is an
>inherent characteristic of sound independent of the sound's cuse or
>the comprehension of its meaning."
>So if your your context is Chion then that English translation from
>the English translations of Audio-Vision is probably correct.

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