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Subject: Re: Looking for an article
From: Lisa Whistlecroft (
Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 18:36:27 EDT

Davies, Hugh. "New Instruments and Sound
Sculptures", ECHO, The Images of Sound, Het
Apollohuis, Eindhoven, 1987, 144 pages. German
translation "Neue Instrumente und
Klangskulpturen: Ein ‹berblick", Ars Electronica
Katalog, 1987.

I can't find the book on Amazon, though!


>I was wondering if anyone could point me to an english version of this article
>Neue Instrumente und Klangskulpturen: Ein ‹berblick
>Hugh Davies
>It is from the 87 Ars Electronica catalouge.
>Andrew McCallum

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