Re: Multi-Touch Screen Monitors

Subject: Re: Multi-Touch Screen Monitors
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Tue Oct 25 2005 - 19:57:22 EDT

I've been told that the back lighting, which allows the LCD to be seen
from every angle and in low light, takes up a good portion of the

Otherwise, I think the price is incredibly unreasonable. $1500 would
be much more reasonable, yet still too much. I would easily spring for
a sub $1000 version.

I'm just thinking, it seems like a touch screen interface would make
computer composition drastically faster hence more efficient.

If only there were readily available multi-touch screen overlays with
software hacks that allowed multiple pointers so to speak. I know that
such a thing exists for PC... allows you to use 2 mice simultaneously.

On 10/25/05, M.G. Choquette <> wrote:
> And:
> C. What's the reason for the Lemur being priced at 2500$ U.S.......

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