Call for Presentations - A new international performance conference

Subject: Call for Presentations - A new international performance conference
From: Franziska Schroeder (
Date: Tue Oct 25 2005 - 03:45:44 EDT

Two Thousand + SIX
        <<< A new international conference focusing on performance in
technology mediated environments >>>

This new conference will kick off as part of the 2006 Sonorities
Festival of Contemporary Music (, hosted at the
Sonic Arts Research Center, Queen’s University Belfast
( The festival is the longest-running new music
festival in Ireland that presents cutting-edge new music and features
some of the most thought-provoking and controversial musicians.

The "mini-conference" aims to reflect the innovative approach of the
festival and will, for the first time, bring together performance
practitioners (from music, dance, theatre and new media), composers,
and theorists in order to discuss a wide variety of topics on
performances that are informed by new technologies.

The "mini-conference" is planned for Saturday, the 29th of April 2006
at SARC in Belfast. Paper sessions will take place in the morning and
the afternoon, with two keynote speakers, a lunchtime performance and
an evening concert.

Keynote Speakers
Susan Broadhurst Sue is a writer and practitioner in the creative arts.
She is currently Subject Leader of Drama Studies at Brunel University.
She is the author of " Liminal Acts: A Critical Overview of
Contemporary Performance and Theory" (1999); "Digital Practices: A
Critical Overview and Neuroesthetic Approach to Performance and
Technology (forthcoming, 2005), and "Performance and Technology:
Practices of Virtual Embodiment and Interactivity (forthcoming, 2006).
Sue is also co-editor of the Body, Space & Technology online journal.

Ben Watson. Wire contributor, Trotskyist and Zappaphile, Watson has
written extensively on themes such as pop culture, situationism, punk,
Adorno, Frank Zappa and improvisation. He is the author of "The
Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play", “Derek Bailey and the Story of
Improvisation”, and “Art, Class and Cleavage”.

Call for papers/presentations:
For this one-day conference we invite proposals for papers that reflect
on performance and technology.
As this is a short event, a maximum of 16 papers of 20 minutes duration
(plus question time) will be accepted.
Abstracts (max. 350 words) are due by the 15th of December 2005.
Presenters of accepted papers/presentations will be informed by the
15th of January 2006.
The registration for the one-day event will be £40 (£15 unwaged). This
includes free access to all Sonorities Festival events on the 29th
April 2006.

All accepted papers will be published online.

Further information on the conference will be posted in December 2005
on the SARC website:

Submissions and all queries should be directed to:
f r a n z i s k a s c h r o e d e r


f r a n z i s k a s c h r o e d e r
Initiatrice of "Two Thousand + SIX"
Performance Technology Conference

Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music

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