15th Florida Electdroacoustic Music Festival - Last Reminder Fwd:

Subject: 15th Florida Electdroacoustic Music Festival - Last Reminder Fwd:
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 20:27:46 EDT

>Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 09:39:09 -0500
>From: joo won park <chuwie80@LYCOS.COM>
>Subject: 15th Florida Electdroacoustic Music Festival - Last Reminder
>All right, so this is the last time you'll hear from me this year
>about FEMF15! Please excuse the duplications and cross postings. I
>wanted to remind you that the receipt deadline for the 15th Annual
>Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival is now about 1 week away. 
>There is still time to get your materials out and in the postal
>system to get here in time. Remember, there is an official form
>with each submission - see below for details. FEMF15 is going to be
>the best yet!
>Fifteenth Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival
>April 6-8, 2006
>University of Florida
>Gainesville - Florida - United States of America
>Composer-in-Residence, John Chowning
>James Paul Sain and Paul Koonce, Co-hosts
>After fourteen years of service to the profession, the Florida
>Electroacoustic Music Festival enters its 15th year of bringing together
>an international rostrum of today's electroacoustic composers to present
>their cutting-edge music. Past composers-in-residence have included
>world renowned composers Hubert S. Howe, Jr., Cort Lippe, Gary Nelson,
>Jon Appleton, Joel Chadabe, Larry Austin, Barry Truax, Richard
>Boulanger, Paul Lansky, James Dashow, and Morton Subotnick.
>Call for Works
>A call for electroacoustic art music works that fit into one of the
>following categories:
> works for recorded media alone
> - two to eight channel works for performance on up to 14
> speakers (see media formats supported)
> - video works
> works for recorded media and instrument(s)
> - special interest in works for flute,
> clarinet, saxophone, horn, trombone,
> contra-bass, piano, and percussion
> works utilizing interactive applications/interfaces including
> electroacoustic improvisation, alternative controllers, and new
> approaches to sound with other media in performance.
>Supported resources include:
> - Cycling 74's Max/Msp
> - SuperCollider
> - Kyma X w/ Capybara 320
> - Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano
> - Proposals for other technologies will be considered
> media formats supported: audio - CD, 16 and 24 bit RDAT,
> Tascam DA-88/DTRS, Alesis ADAT; video - DVD and VHS (NTSC)
>Deadline for the receipt of submitted work(s): November 1, 2005
>Works using live performance must be accompanied by a tape of a
>performance or high quality realization.
>All submissions must include performance materials in one of the media
>listed above, performance parts and/or a score, a brief biography
>(75-100 words), program notes (100 words or less), and submission form
><http://emu.music.ufl.edu/downloads/femf15sub.pdf>. Biographies or notes
>in excess of the maximum will be truncated. Incomplete submissions will
>not be considered. Please indicate whether the composer can provide the
>performer(s). Contact information on the required submission form must
>include a phone number, address, and if available, an email address, web
>site, and fax number. A self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) is
>required for the return of all materials (or international postal
>response return coupons). Materials not accompanied by a SASE will
>become property of the Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio.
>Composers may submit no more than two compositions for performance
>consideration on the 15th Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival.
>Composers selected for performance are required to attend the festival;
>this is to provide the festival with a sense of community. The festival
>is unable to provide travel grants or honoraria.
>Should a composer be unable to attend the festival their work will not
>be presented.
>Call for Papers/Presentations
>A call for papers, studio reports, and lecture/demonstrations dealing
>with the technology, musicology, and/or aesthetics of electroacoustic
>Submissions from all current areas of research are encouraged. Possible
>topics include: acoustic ecology, interactive composition/synthesis,
>algorithmic composition, new musical interfaces, and new
>synthesis/processing techniques. Authors selected will be given 30
>minutes to present their paper (20 minutes for delivery, and 10 minutes
>for questions and answers).
>Deadline for receipt of submitted materials: November 1, 2005
>Three copies of the completed paper, studio report, or
>lecture/demonstration abstract must be accompanied by a brief biography
>of 75-100 words and a contact sheet (abstract and biography should be
>promptly available on data CD or via electronic transmission upon
>selection). Biographies in excess of the maximum will be truncated.
>Contact information sheet must include a phone number, address, and, if
>available, email address, web site, and fax number. All submitted papers
>will become part of the Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio Library.
> Dr. James Paul Sain, FEMS Director
> University of Florida School of Music
> P.O. Box 117900/130 Music Bldg.
> Gainesville, FL 32611-7900
> (352) 392-0223 ext. 240/voice
> (352) 392-0461/fax
> femf15@arts.ufl.edu
>More information on the electroacoustic music program at the University
>of Florida and the Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio can be found at:
> http://emu.music.ufl.edu/
>The University of Florida is located in the North Central Florida city
>of Gainesville. Gainesville is served by Delta Airlines (via American
>Southeast Airlines), USAir Express and Northwest Airlines. The city is
>approximately a two and a half hour drive by car from Jacksonville,
>Tallahassee, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida. Airport shuttle service can be
>provided by the festival hotel for transportation from/to the
>Gainesville Regional Airport (but not to other area airports).
>Anticipated notification of selection for those with email access will
>begin November 23, 2005. Please add an appropriate delay for postal
>Current information on this FEMF15 call can be found at:
>Complete FEMF15 program will be available at:

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