One River (running) exhibition at Surrey Art Gallery

Subject: One River (running) exhibition at Surrey Art Gallery
From: Kenneth Newby (
Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 13:03:10 EDT

Those of you in the Fraser Valley region might be interested in
experiencing our One River (running) installation work that was
commissioned by the Surrey Art Gallery and opened yesterday. The
exhibition runs for two months until December 18. It makes use of a
new media diffusion system we developed to allow accurate diffusion of
multichannel audio and video elements in the gallery/performance space.
  There are 32 independently controlled screens suspended in a
sculptural form across the room and a 13-channel audio system. We
pushed the concept, coming out of multichannel audio diffusion, of
uncorrelated media elements to the visual domain to create a very
effective image of audio-visual complexity and variety. The work is a
sixteen minute cycle that blends elements of installation, cinema,
soundscape composition and radio narrative (a tip of the fedora to
Gould's polyphonic radio). An open work, it rewards repeated
experiences as the large database of speech soundfiles (Surrey
residents reflecting on various aspects of their community) is
reshuffled to create new associational combinations each time through.


Kenneth Newby Computational Poetics
School for Interactive Arts & Technology
Simon Fraser University
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