SFU 40 retrospective

Subject: SFU 40 retrospective
From: Barry Truax (truax@sfu.ca)
Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 01:46:25 EDT

   Simon Fraser University is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year,
and that means the electroacoustic music studios at the school are also 40
years old, since Murray Schafer started the first studio there in 1965
(along with UBC, the third studio in Canada).
   We're planning a retrospective concert on November 11, 8pm, in the SFU
Theatre, with the program as below - admittedly a hard choice to select
just a few pieces from the incredible repertoire available, but these are
ones we think are a good representation.
   We're also planning on launching a new CD with 7 of the works,
previously unpublished on CD (Westerkamp, Oswald, Holmes, Piche, Truax,
Eigenfeldt, Gotfrit). My work on the CD will be Androgyny, not Riverrun,
but the concert will feature the first local performance of the 8-channel
version of Riverrun.
   Concert attendees will receive a free copy of the new CD - so please
come! For those who can't make it, stay tuned for an announcement about
the CD being available via mail order (at a bargain price!)
website: www.sfu.ca/~truax
studio website: www.sfu.ca/sonic-studio/srs

WSP Music for Horns and Whistles (1973) 3:12
Hildegard Westerkamp Whisper Study (1975/79) 10:42
John Oswald Burrows (1974-75) 9:12
Jean Piche La Mer a l'Aube (1977) quad 12:50
Anne (Holmes) Karakatsoulis Wood on Wood on Water (1978) quad 8:50
Paul Dolden Veils: Section A (1984-85) 11:55


Arne Eigenfeldt Waiting (1986) 9:12
Martin Bartlett The Arrival of Sir John Franklin in Paradise (1988): II. Song from Dante 5:09
Martin Gotfrit Hut20: Guitar (1995) 10:01
sylvi macCormac Voices of a Place: Hildegard Westerkamp inside the soundscape (1998) 6:24
Barry Truax Riverrun (1986) 8-ch. remix 2004 20'

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