Music recording question

Subject: Music recording question
From: David Prescott (
Date: Sat Oct 22 2005 - 09:51:22 EDT

Dear CEC list:

I'm sorry to ask such a dim-witted question, but I've been stumped on this
for months. I'm no longer a composer, and have a regular old Dell computer
with Windows XP. I have ba-zillions of old cassettes from the '80's when I
exchanged my music with others. In earlier forms of XP, I used to use
windows movie-maker to record music which I could then burn to a CD. Presto,
all my old performances on CD. Somehow, my windows movie-maker was
automatically "upgraded" and no longer allows me to do this. Windows Sound
Recorder only allows 60 seconds of sound at a pop.

I tried various software packages at considerable expense to try to edit
this music, and they all resulted in competitive warfare between other
programs. If I downloaded Blaze audio or similar programs, my CD-burning
software would quit. New CD-burners would automatically insert 3 seconds of
silence between tracks and so on, and make my editing software choke.

I guess my question is... I only want to import old music off cassettes and
burn it to CDs that don't include a mandatory 3 seconds of silence between
tracks (which would really mess up live recordings of bands...)

Might anyone have any thoughts on a method or a software package? It is
amazing to me that XP can make this so difficult since the technology is
clearly within my computer.

Thanks for any insights. I know you all have capabilities far in excess of
what I'm asking, so I hate to trouble you.

Thank you,

David Prescott

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