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Subject: LAM Call for papers/works
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Date: Sat Oct 22 2005 - 08:14:21 EDT

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Call for papers, call for works

Live Algorithms for Music Annual Conference and Concert

Dec 19th-20th 2005, Goldsmiths College, London, UK

The EPSRC-funded Live Algorithms for Music network investigates
the use of autonomous computers in creative performance. Our
interest is in systems that run live algorithms, that is to
say systems which collaborate actively with human performers -
or other machines - in real-time performance, and can do so
without the presence of a human operator. The requirement of a
live algorithm is that it should participate in a performance
just as a human might, making apt and creative contributions
to the musical dimensions of sound, time and structure.

The network brings together performers, composers and
scientists in the areas of cognition, artificial intelligence
and computing.

We are pleased to announce that our special guest this meeting
is Al Biles, Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology,
New York. Al is a Live Algorithms pioneer, famous for his
genetic algorithm jazz improviser, GenJam. Al will be talking
to us about GenJam and evolutionary music, and performing with
GenJam at the LAM concert.

We invite the submission of papers on any subject relevant to
the aims of the LAM network.

Proposals for performance are also welcomed.

There will also be a session for short reports on ideas and work
in progress.

Details of LAM at

Please contact Tim Blackwell or Michael Young: /

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