Story Without End

Subject: Story Without End
From: Richard Whitelaw (
Date: Fri Oct 21 2005 - 12:47:52 EDT


Artist: People Like Us
Title: Story Without End
Format: DVD
Label: Sonic Arts Network

Track listing:
We Edit Life (10:03)
The Remote Controller (8:59)
Resemblage (4:13)
Story Without End (6:03)

Sonic Arts Network actively supports the work of the current crop of leading
British audio artists. It is with great pride that we present, for the first
time, a collection of short films by People Like Us, a true champion of a
particularly English sense of humour and fun. The DVD shows a journey
through a multi-layered 20th Century, represented by bright eyed and
enthusiastic images of the modern world, concluding with the new Sonic Arts
Network commission ŒStory Without End¹.

Since 1992 Vicki Bennett has been producing CDs, radio and AV multimedia
under the name People Like Us. Through a process of animating and
recontextualising found footage, Bennett creates collages with a dark, witty
and surrealistic view of popular culture. People Like Us also produces an
ongoing weekly experimental arts radio show on the freeform New York radio
station WFMU, called ŒDO or DIY¹.

Story Without End is available now from For more
information and press queries please contact
Tel: 020 7928 7337

About Sonic Arts Network
Established in 1979, Sonic Arts Network is a UK based organisation that
promotes and explores the art of sound through a programme of performances,
commissions, education projects and releases. We believe in the unique
capacity of listening to enrich people¹s lives.



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