Electronic Music Midwest Web Streaming this weekend Fwd:

Subject: Electronic Music Midwest Web Streaming this weekend Fwd:
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 20:11:20 EDT

>Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 13:20:31 -0700
>From: Paul Rudy <seamusvp4programs@SBCGLOBAL.NET>
>Subject: Electronic Music Midwest Web Streaming this weekend
>For those of you not in the Kansas City area this weekend, I invite
>you to listen in the concerts from Electronic Music Midwest (http://
>www.electronicmusicmidwest.org). The concert schedule is pasted
>below. Between concerts, we will simply be playing music (in the
>can) from Lewis University (http://www.lewisu.edu/music) -- so if you
>hear Prokofiev, don't freak out...just wait until the concert starts.
>To connect to the EMM webcast, point your browser to:
>OR enter http://65.165.100:8000 into your favorite streaming media
>player (iTunes, iTunesPC, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc...).
>Mike McFerron
>*note: all times are CST --
>Electronic Music Midwest Festival Schedule
> Pre-Festival Talk-4:30pm
>Ian Corbett The Technology of EMM
> Concert I - 7:30pm
>Chapman Welch Cyclic Math Shred
>Erdem Helvacioglu Wandering Around the City
>Timothy Edwards Triptych
>Mark Cartwright Chicago Union Station
>Virgil Moorefield
>Jeffrey Weeter
>Christopher Biggs The Capgras' Patience Wanes
> Concert II - 11am
>Greg Dixon Jeff Nellans The Interactive Zoo
>Bradford Blackburn Vox Insecta
>Andrew Bergeron Coming Home
>Charles Smith Synth vs. Synth
>Andrew Cole Korunga Maadu
>Koji Kawai Chaosmos
>David Holton Walking Between a Rock and a Tightrope
>Jesse Ronneau Vesalious
> Concert III - 2pm
>Camilo Salazar Tiene Mugre en la Oreja
>Ian Corbett Phimphony, Mvt. II, "A Momentary
>Lapse of Disturbance"
>Hubert Howe Scrunch!
>Li Chi Hsieh New Alice's Wonderland
>Jay Batzner Near Burning
> Concert IV - 4:30pm
>Brian Belet (Disturbed) Radiance
>Barrett Johnson Les Acrobaties
>David McIntire Landscape of Retrieval
>Roxie Hammill Beslan
>Minsoo Cho Smoky Mountains
>Peter Terry Rise
> Concert V - 7:30pm
>Robert Voisey 60x60
> Concert VI - 11am
>Mark Snyder Horse
>Paul Goodman Songs for the Black Jewel
>Alexis Bacon Aviance
>Ming Hsiu-Yen Icicles
>Joseph Harchanko Idylls
>Eric Simonson Geometry IV: Riches
> Concert VII - 2pm
>Stan Link Hissarlik
>Josh Goldman Language
>Andrew Estel Message
>James Hegarty Ariel
>Jason Clausen Phoneme Play
>Paul Rudy Remnants
>Kyong Mee Choi Condolence
> Concert VIII - 4:30pm
>ason Bolte Friction
>Ronald Keith Parks Afterimage III
>Carly Gorman Mice in the attic
>Jeremey Van Buskirk Swirl
> Concert IX - 7:30pm
>Samm Hamm Fit
>Mike McFerron &Delta;p &Delta;x &ge; h/4&pi;
>Mai-Fang Lin Interaction
>Michael Pounds Blowout (expanded)
>Don Malone Rag
>Paul Rudy, Composer
>SEAMUS Vice President for Programs

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