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Subject: Re: acousmatic-image narrative/abstract
From: Richard Whitelaw (
Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 07:08:55 EDT


The recent Sonic Arts Network "The Connectors" festival held in Bristol last
month focused on live sound and image processing. Many of the artists
involved have not be mentioned so far in this discussion.

Artists details and the film screening programme details are available
through the events link on our website.

Also check out the Curtis Roads "Point, Line, Cloud" DVD on Asphodel with
visuals by Brian O'Reilly. Seminal stuff.

It is also worth looking into Yasunao Tone's intermedia works, and the
performances of the Raster-Noton collective.

Best wishes


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On 20/10/05 11:47 am, "Bret Battey" <> wrote:

> Also, these folks in the UK have been doing some work related to narrativity
> and VJ'ing. Haven't followed their work up in detail yet, myself:
> -=Bret
>> [iso-8859-1] Helder Gon?ves writes:
>> Hi! 1-Do you know interesting examples of the combination e.a. music with
>> image? Maybe some sites selling relevant dvd? 2-Do yow know if there is some
>> kind of research about who is doing more abstract works versus others doing
>> more semantic/narrative works with ea and image - how this diferent
>> aproaches contacts/separe? (Some good examples of both?) Thanks Hel

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