Re: acousmatic-image narrative/abstract

Subject: Re: acousmatic-image narrative/abstract
Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 14:24:58 EDT

Along the same lines... Guillermo Galindo has done a score for the Anne
opera "Decreation"

look under music _ opera

Anne Carson Decreation _ vidoe pop up


Quoting Ian Stewart <>:

> I am researching this; feel free to contact me. I'll offer more suggestions
> later, but the EA/video work of Jean Piche, Louis Dufort, Bret Battey, and
> Joseph Hyde all come to mind, among many others. Of work I've seen recently,
> I've been impressed by Gordon Delap's 'Light Body Corpuscles' and a work by
> Martin Stig Andersen (title escapes me). Of course, there's a lot of
> interesting audiovisual thinking in experimental film as well- e.g. many
> films by Patrick Bokanowski (sound: Michele Bokanowski), Jurgen Reble
> (sound: Thomas Koner) and Walerian Borowczyk (some films with sound by
> Bernard Parmegiani) have electroacoustic soundtracks, and films like John
> Smith's 'The Girl Chewing Gum' and 'Om' do clever things with sound/image
> relationships.
> all the best,
> Ian
> [iso-8859-1] Helder Gon?ves writes:
> Hi! 1-Do you know interesting examples of the combination e.a. music with
> image? Maybe some sites selling relevant dvd? 2-Do yow know if there is some
> kind of research about who is doing more abstract works versus others doing
> more semantic/narrative works with ea and image - how this diferent
> aproaches contacts/separe? (Some good examples of both?) Thanks Hel

Andrew McCallum

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