Re: acousmatic-image narrative/abstract

Subject: Re: acousmatic-image narrative/abstract
From: Ian Stewart (
Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 13:37:22 EDT

I am researching this; feel free to contact me. I'll offer more suggestions
later, but the EA/video work of Jean Piche, Louis Dufort, Bret Battey, and
Joseph Hyde all come to mind, among many others. Of work I've seen recently,
I've been impressed by Gordon Delap's 'Light Body Corpuscles' and a work by
Martin Stig Andersen (title escapes me). Of course, there's a lot of
interesting audiovisual thinking in experimental film as well- e.g. many
films by Patrick Bokanowski (sound: Michele Bokanowski), Jurgen Reble
(sound: Thomas Koner) and Walerian Borowczyk (some films with sound by
Bernard Parmegiani) have electroacoustic soundtracks, and films like John
Smith's 'The Girl Chewing Gum' and 'Om' do clever things with sound/image

all the best,

[iso-8859-1] Helder Gon?ves writes:
Hi! 1-Do you know interesting examples of the combination e.a. music with
image? Maybe some sites selling relevant dvd? 2-Do yow know if there is some
kind of research about who is doing more abstract works versus others doing
more semantic/narrative works with ea and image - how this diferent
aproaches contacts/separe? (Some good examples of both?) Thanks Hel

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