Subject: Apology
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 23:15:51 EDT

I apologize.



>Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 13:44:44 +1100
>From: "miriam clinton (iriXx)" <iriXx@iriXx.org>
>Subject: Correction please!
>To: Kevin Austin <kevin.austin@videotron.ca>
>Reply-to: iriXx@iriXx.org
>Organization: iriXx
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>Kevin Austin wrote:
>>Sylvi and Miriam have (been) unsubscribed from the list <cec-conference>.
>>At some later time they may wish to return, and they will be
>>welcome to, but possibly under better circumstances.
>Kevin, I find that message insulting.
>I chose to unsubscribe because I came back from a few days illness
>to find a message from you saying 'take it off list', when I had
>hardly posted any off topic messages whatsoever. In fact, you may
>remember my requesting Jim to keep on-topic and keep on-list, and my
>requests for Morgan to listen to what sylvi had to say, which before
>the long thread instigated by Ned on whether to keep on topic or
>not, were indeed relevant.
>I would kindly request that you post the following correction to the list:
>Miriam chose to unsubscribe this evening of her own free will, and
>was not unsubscribed by the listserv coordinators.
>She may at some time choose to return, but wishes it to be
>communicated to the list that she does not consider herself to be
>part of the heavily off-topic discussion as she was absent for three
>to four days. Her decision to support a friend was her only
>participation in that thread. The judgement of others on the list,
>in her absence, influenced her decision to leave.
>Thanks Kevin,
>99% of aliens prefer Earth

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