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Subject: Re: Archiving and access & analysis = (bo po mo fo?)
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 22:02:58 EDT

Part of the issue as I experience it is that the terms you propose to
use are not "defined" -- texture doesn't 'exist', it's part of a
perceptual / analytical model.

At 21:01 -0400 2005/10/16, Morgan Sutherland wrote:
>Ah, I've misread. If we were to make a simple "guide to tagging", that
>would be no sweat I would think. For instance, we could have the
>"Texture" group. Under "texture" we'd have a list of recommended

The complement of texture (in my terms - my proposed analytical
model) is gesture.

>If none of the terms pertained to your sound, you could make up your
>own and then propose it to be added to the list.

Yes. This is what is kind of being proposed. To get an idea of how
this could be a rather large mechanical and intellectual challenge,
take one or two of your recent pieces and try to find some words from
the list below (*) and apply your "guide".

It will be necessary for you (in this example) to give the time at
which the event / gesture / texture / compositional process starts
and ends (if it does).

>It would then be required that you have at least one Texture, one
>duration, one transient description (density), etc. description for
>each sound. If you wanted to make it super easy, you could even do
>check boxes.




These are some 120 terms related to, or as, compositional strategies.
Some are gestural, some textural, some are visual complements to a
compositional idea.

Abbreviate, Abridge, Abstract (to),
Accretion, Accumulation, Aggregate,
Allude, Amplify, Append, Articulation,
Assert control, Balance, Bridge, Chaos,
Complementation, Complex or Compound,
Compress, Condense, Condensation,
Connection, Continuous, Contract,
Contrast, Control, Convergence,
Critical mass, Crystalize, Curtail,
Cut, Decorate, Deterministic, Die away,
Discrete, Disintegration, Dissolve (melt),
Disturbance, Divergence, Dynamic, Echo,
Elaboration, Elision, Erase, Evaporate,
Expand, Extension, Extrapolate, Family,
Function, Fusion, Generate, Gestalt,
Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Identity,
Incremental growth / decay, Interaction,
Interpolate, Intersection, Invariant,
Isolate, Layering, Masking, Mass structure,
Matching, Members, Modulation, Noise,
Non-repeating pattern, Obliterate, Obscure,
Omission, Parameter, Parametric values,
Pattern, Point of articulation,
Predictable evolution, Pre-echo, Prolong,
Proportion, Quantize, Random, Repetition,
Restrict, Role, Rule, Same, Saturation,
Scatter, Stasis, Static,
Steady-state / Quasi-steady-state,
Stochastic, Superimpose, Supersede / Supplant,
Supplement, Synchronization, Tendency,
Terminate, Trait, Transform(ation),
Transition, Truncate, Union, Unvoiced,
Variation, Verbal (sounds), Vocal, Voiced

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