Re: Archiving and access & analysis = (bo po mo fo?)

Subject: Re: Archiving and access & analysis = (bo po mo fo?)
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 19:23:05 EDT

"Morgan, the issue isn't to get alphabetical order or length. That's so
trivial it's not worth
thinking about. It's about getting descriptive labels
like "pow" "ching" "frosty" "thwack" "chunk" "buffeta-buffeta" "mellow
blap" or whatever else people like --
language that helps locate a certain kind of sound. It would be
very interesting to see if a language of some sort spontaneously develops
in this way, as it might."

Yes! obviously!

"We may need to develop analytic / descriptive languages that explore
sounds from a non-western idea."

I think doing this would be firstly beneficial to the audio community
and would be necessary if our sights were set high, but I don't
believe they are. With such a small user base, I would think that only
a very basic tag system would be needed just like most tag systems
I suggested that we have alphabetical etc. organization so that if you
are looking for a file that you assume would have a specific name, you
can find it. Or if you are looking for a specific sample that you have
previously heard. Don't forget to plan for that time when you
accidentally trashed that great sample you downloaded last week from
the CEC server. You need basic organization for that.

It seems as though developing a descriptive language would be a
daunting and unnecessary task for us to use in our petty sample
server. However, if we wanted to turn this into a project to be
shared, perhaps publishing a WIKI and giving the idea to FreeSound and
others, well, that would be very very cool.

Rereading this thread, I see that this is what you were discussing (i
practice poor reading comprehension).

My point is, developing some sort of innovative tagging system I think
will not be necessity (the mother of invention), but merely a plus, or
a service for the greater good.

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