Subject: Re: SEAMUS
From: Michael Rhoades (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 18:23:13 EDT

Hi Morgan.

For me, SEAMUS has been an extremely educational and rewarding experience.
It has been my great fortune to have attended several of the national
conferences. They are each a very intensely immersive experience into the
most current E/A music and video being produced by the worlds experts in the
field. To hear and see their work diffused on state of the art sound and
visual diffusion systems and then to be able to talk with them about it has
truly been one of the high points of my life. There are always highly
evocative papers discussing the theories and practices by these individuals
as well. Every year I look forward to the possibility of attending. The
Journal SEAMUS, the newsletter and the annual CD are all icing on the cake.

Through SEAMUS I have forged lifelong relationships with several like minded
composers that I would have otherwise had no way to meet. I for one feel it
is well worth the conservative membership fee to be a member.

Michael Rhoades


On 10/15/05 12:01 PM, "Morgan Sutherland" <> wrote:

> I can join as a student for $25. Is it worth it?

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