Re: Analysis and descriptors

Subject: Re: Analysis and descriptors
From: Ian Stewart (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 17:26:36 EDT

Kevin Austin writes:
> IMV, the discipline of electroacoustic studies is not adequately developed
> to seriously create a sub-discipline of ea analysis which will be coherent
> and rigorous.

I'll readily agree that EA analysis is not well-developed. But if I
understand Ned's proposal, it doesn't need advanced analytical tools to be
useful. It needs descriptions of individual sounds/recordings, not analysis
of compositions and structures- not that this wouldn't also be useful, just
that the project could work without it.

In any case, for those who aren't interested in following the details, I
just wanted to mention that the CEC's production team is looking into this
now. Server space is probably not an issue, but it may not be possible to
set up a Wiki-style system on the CEC servers- and I think if this type of
project can work, it will need to be possible for users to add keywords to
soundfiles, rate them for sound quality, and (probably) upload files
directly to site. Will keep this list updated,

all the best,

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