Re: CEC Sound Bank

Subject: Re: CEC Sound Bank
From: Richard Wentk (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 15:38:26 EDT

At 20:15 16/10/2005, you wrote:
>So are there other voices out there in favour of such a project being
>developed? Do some of you have an issue with their recordings ending up on
>other composers' works? What kind of samples/recordings would you be
>willing to 'give' to the bank? How many of you still have stuff on DAT
>that hasn't been digitized into the computer yet?

I think terms of use need to be defined explicitly, and may be more
important to success than the technology.

Is the content going to be 100% public domain? Should use of recordings be
credited in subsequent pieces?

I probably wouldn't be happy using a Creative Commons approach as it's
potentially too restrictive. Although I suppose at the other extreme
someone could raid the library and start selling the content - which would
not be a good a thing.

Obscurity may well be the best defence here. ;-)

Sonus doesn't have problems with these kinds of issues, does it? What
licensing model, if any, does it use?


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