Re: A New CEC Project? Archiving and access

Subject: Re: A New CEC Project? Archiving and access
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 12:33:33 EDT

Assumptions about people leaving and joining the list are made by
those who think they know who is and isn't joining.

Please remember, horses have two ends, and regarding s*bs and uns*bs,
only one person "knows for sure".

Rumors of the imminent demise are perhaps a little premature.

To find out who's here, send the message " who
cec-conference ". To find out why, send us each an email!




At 08:16 -0600 2005/10/16, sylvi macCormac wrote:
>Guilty as charged. OK i quit. You fellows can have your llittle
>party all to yourselves :-) any maybe people will come back
>'running' ... Thanks for th Memories (is it live or memorex?).
>pest, macCormac
>Ned Bouhalassa wrote:
>> Of course, there may be some members who have dropped out of
>>CEC-Conference because of the OT discussions who might get involved
>>again with a project of this type.___ Ned Bouhalassa ___
> > > > < <
> > ::::: ::::

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