Re: A New CEC Project? Archiving and access

Subject: Re: A New CEC Project? Archiving and access
From: Ned Bouhalassa (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 10:46:43 EDT

On 15-Oct-05, at 11:56 PM, Kevin Austin wrote:

> The first steps would be to determine interest

Hopefuly, this thread will help to determine this. Of course, there may
be some members who have dropped out of CEC-Conference because of the
OT discussions who might get involved again with a project of this

> , and then determine budget.

I can contact the person who runs Freesound and ask him what the yearly
costs are.

> In my experience, the major cost of such a venture (if it is to
> approach permanence) is not the server space, but the on-going cost of
> paying someone, or people to maintain and develop the site /
> materials.

Maintaining the site can be a big job, but the materials would be
user-submitted. One thing that could keep the costs down (I think)
would be if we agreed that the bank would not grow to be anything other
than that. This way, once the interface is ironed-out, we just leave it
as is. No extra forum/blog (that's what CEC-Conference is for), no
expansion into video or images, no hosting of pieces, no
interactive/random playing back of the bank, etc. Simple like Google,
or something like that!

> It's a long term commitment. In my travels around the web over the
> past half decade I have seen many 'neat' projects that turned out to
> have a life of a couple of months. It's one thing to set it up, it's
> something else to have the long-term commitment to work on it.

Not much to add here!

> This is well known in national and international organizations. In the
> first few years there are many people to assist, after a while, the
> Boards of Directors are looking for almost anyone who will contribute
> for a couple of years.

But this project would be about managing a sound samples/recordings
database. Not about budgets, conferences, streaming broadcasts,
membership drives, news flashes, changes to the charter, etc.


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