Re: A New CEC Project?

Subject: Re: A New CEC Project?
From: Adrian Moore (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 05:36:51 EDT

Yes, cool idea.
I already store source sounds made by students on my ftp site.
Folk from around the world have landed there and made use thereof as well.
On the one hand it is good to keep everything on the one server, but as has been
mentioned not only is this very costly but also proliferates data.
And we *still* need a really effective search engine for sound. I havenøt seen a
good mpeg7 searcher yet that enables me to upload my dog's howl and find all
manner of other sreaching animals in .wav format.


Quoting Ned Bouhalassa <>:

> OK, une idée un peu folle, mais quand même...
> Here's a twist: how about we all share a bunch of samples/recordings on
> a CEC server space? Say, stereo aiff/wav at up to 48Khz? I like to
> think of it as a Wikipedia of sounds. We would all be able to use the
> samples/recordings in our composition work, just not for ads. This
> would be a freeware bank. I'm inspired here by the Freesound project:
> , to which I've started contributing. I
> guess ours would be more composition/performance-specific.
> Ned
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