Re: A New CEC Project? Archiving and access

Subject: Re: A New CEC Project? Archiving and access
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sat Oct 15 2005 - 23:56:45 EDT

The first steps would be to determine interest, and then determine budget.

In my experience, the major cost of such a venture (if it is to
approach permanence) is not the server space, but the on-going cost
of paying someone, or people to maintain and develop the site /

It's a long term commitment. In my travels around the web over the
past half decade I have seen many 'neat' projects that turned out to
have a life of a couple of months. It's one thing to set it up, it's
something else to have the long-term commitment to work on it.

This is well known in national and international organizations. In
the first few years there are many people to assist, after a while,
the Boards of Directors are looking for almost anyone who will
contribute for a couple of years.

Such a project would face the same issues that all archiving has to,
namely, how to sort and catalog so that things can be found.
has invited people to curate "galleries", but few people have the
time, energy and skills necessary to create a gallery that reflects
some specific artistic or aesthetic vision. This is not a criticism,
it's a reality for many arts organizations.

The cataloging / cross-referencing is necessary to be able to find
things, and currently, there are few robust tools for the description
/ analysis of sounds in general, and soundscapes can be perplexing:

   -- sunny, cars, people talking, footsteps, door closes, music from
a radio, bus stops and goes

I can hear it all, but where is it? Does it help if I preface the
description with London, New York, Berlin, St-Jerome?

I like the idea and is 'almost' set-up to be able to handle
such a project, if the (extra) resources were to be made available.



At 15:11 -0700 2005/10/15, David Paquette wrote:
>last year at the small informal meeting of the case/aces somebody
>(and if I remember well it was Carey Dodge) proposed the idea of a
>web-based soundwalk collection. One could upload a soundwalk and
>include details about the location, the weather, etc. These would be
>available to all. It would indeed require _lots_ of space but
>imagine! A sort of "themed" sonus...

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