keeping reminders to curb behavior - sylvi's wheel chair is out o order ...

Subject: keeping reminders to curb behavior - sylvi's wheel chair is out o order ...
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Sat Oct 15 2005 - 01:37:56 EDT


while it is true i am usually avoiding th curb ;-) and looking for th
dip in roads, why does 'sylvi' keep coming up in dat CEC dis.cussion /
dredged up so to speak / squeak ? am i in trouble again, and i didn't
even write nothing ? didn't Gertrude Stein write something about going
there only to find out there was no there. i believe it is time to take
'sylvi' & comments regarding her music / text off list, way off list. if
you wish to dis cuss or criticize or defend 'sylvi' plz do so directly
through or th Canadian Consulate or :-) We may
have NO answer but plz take sylvi off list, OK ?

Either that or Kevin and i will have to have a heart to heart and while
his heart is kind, he is also a byt more realiztic than i am. After all,
i was a very bad / dab Irish Comedian, now forced to spin my wheels all
day long practising action comedy with Travolta & Grover et al out back
of Kanuka Ranch and since i got th Marcia Award for ElectroAcoustic Arts
at SFU in 1999 i have far bigger shoes than mine to fill. i do not want
to stand on th shoulders of Giants. i want to speak and listen to them.

while i appreciate th critisms and ne'er turn away from a good jest /
swim or a friends' helping hands it is time to drop th name o sylvi from
th subject or body o th CEC-conference. i'd like to work on how i'm
going to throw an international electroacoustic hockey party where we
might all compose, with no high sticking or ascii aloud ;-) talk about
codex etc, eh ? And i got to get to work on WHEELS, Harmonica in 8
Directions, Composing for Film, and Producing a few CDs hear and
And th other computer chickens / composers hear are busy composing /
inventing / creating code / instruments / we-pods .... etc ...

Morgan escrib: "Sylvi actually has something to say and I'd like to
hear it." Thank you, i thought that twas what you meant. i still prefer
pseudo-comedic. thanks for th quote :-) Miriam, thank you for 'standing'
up for me, but if i am going to run over peoples toes a 6mph i'll have
to learn to do it myself, but prefer i not to. i use a bicycle bell (not
an air horn). But, if anyone asks me if i need help, i'm going to tell
them 'i could use a new yacht'. (insert your favorite ascii). Please
join us when we have th WHEELS conference set up at - VAMS - vancouver adapted music
society. i will certainly need and heed Mr Austin(s) advice as
Moderator. Thank You Kevin, iriXx, Morgan et al .. btw, what is a pwnt ?
(plz reply to .. i love NASA & NASA loves me :-)

you can hear some of what sylvi's got to say and compositions here -

YO! Able Dis! on line at Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar - yo able dis ! - text & image - 2005 interviews

think you think you very much

best regards & love, sylvi macCormac - all smiles :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
:-) :-)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc
siwash rock & soundscape composition
Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo
ascii art 101 - happy dis.abled people at music concerts

WHEELS Soundscapes & CD Compilations (2006 / 08 / 10 )
Produced by sylvi macCormac with Conrad Burek
in consultation with Colin Nairne & Jim Vallance

with voices of people with dis.abilities and Dal Richard's
Big Band Bkwrds juried by folks from SOCAN / CBC / SLFA / SUN VAMS
(Vancouver Adapted Music Society) with info & links
to Musicians, Composers, Adapted Technologies, Music Education, Web


2006 SFU 40th Anniversary - Electroacoustic Concert with
Voices of a Place: Hildegard Westerkamp inside the Soundscape
a portrait of th composer by sylvi macCormac (6:39)

2006 Concordia University - EuCuE -Electroacoustic Concert with
Railway Lines: Trains of Thought (7:50) & Penny: a Process (3:07)
aural-historic-poetic radio art & electroacoustic soundscape wit penny
whistle / / / /


National Film Board of Canada - 'EXPOSING OURSELVES'
5 Friends with Dis Abilities throw a 'Pyjama Party' . . . 2006
Directed by Bonnie Sherr-Klein - Produced by Tracey Friesen
Music & Soundscape (mentorship) sylvi macCormac -


UTS'AM / WITNESS song sound story
for John Clarke / Xwexwslkn (1945-2003)

1 Sxwi7shenalkwlh / Deer Song (3:02)
Xlek' Seky Siym / Chief Ian Campbell
2 All My Relations (2:14) Sandy Scofield
3 Plants (2:56) Veda Hille
4 Child of the Wind (4:08) Bruce Cockburn
5 Island (3:03 xrpt) Barry Truax
6 Carving Canoes: for th Wild (3:55)
sylvi macCormac
7 Broken Land (3:35) Sandy Scofield
8 Beneath the Forest Floor (3:20 xrpt)
Hildegard Westerkamp
9 Starwalker (3:03) Buffy Sainte-Marie
10 Red PercentX (4:00) Kinnie Starr
11 Midnight Forest Run (3:55) Shel Neufeld
12 Horizon (5:00) sylvi macCormac
13 Northern Loon (1:55) Anthony McNab Favel
14 Wind in the Cedars (2:00) Jeremy Williams
15 Witness: Round Journey with Squamish
Spirit, Jouney & Honour Songs (18:10) sylvi macCormac
16 Tkaya / Wolf Song (8:10)
Spkwus Sllum / Eagle Song Dancers

Produced by sylvi macCormac
"TU'y 'Tanat / Cease Wyss
Slanay Spakwus / Nancy Bleck
Tellsemkin Siyam / Chief Bill Williams

(p) 2004 Uts'am / Witness. all proceeds to
and - wilderness education programs


Changing Times : Co-op Radio (42:30)
with christopher clapper on th street
& buffy sainte-marie bkwrds
radio archives, field recordings, interviews
on Changing Locations : Sound Art Vol 2

on Too Young Too Old CD (1994/2006)
with tracks from Sun & Rain (1987-cassette)


Grrrls with Guitars Vol I (1999) - Carving Canoes
with soundscape from th Elaho BC / Squamish Territory
CD includes Sandy Scofield, Shelley Lennox, Linda McRae, Nadine

GWG Vol 2 (2001) - GWG Vol 3 (2005) - GWG Vol 4 (200?) -

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlz (invis-able) Train Wreck MP3 on
with GWGs, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Veda Hille, Sarah Wheeler et al with
links (2006)


Honourable Mention, Synthse 1999
International Electroacoustic Music Conference
Bourges, France -

Marcia Award for Electroacoustic Arts SFU 1999


with Shadow Puppet Play
and Special Guests tba

Raven Shadows (2006)
with Railway Lines: Acoustic Tracks
Witness (xrpt) & De Constructing Abuse
from Deep Wireless Residency 2004 (

Too Young Too Old (1994/2006)
with Changing Times : Co-op Radio (2001)
including Buffy Sainte-Marie (bkwrds)
and tracks from Sun & Rain (1987)

Coastal Chants (1992/2006)
with Horizon from Child of th Wind
th story of John Clarke Xwexslkn (1957-2003)
(Film - awarded best doc Banff Film Festival 1995)

Little Buddhas Dance (2006 2nd Ed) Poetry
hand bound paper book & on line (1997 1st Ed paper only)

Th Rose & Th Railway: of Yeats & N Being & Blooming on Line
about WB Yeats, Maud Gonne, Japanese N Theatre
& Being in Relation to Language (2000 CDrom - 2006 on line)

Voices & Wbeels (2000) with Voices of a Place:
Hildegard Westerkamp inside the Soundscape
and Penny: a Process (Presence III CD
(Electricites / lectricites CD

Phoenix (1996) co-produced with Colin Nairne (barney bentall, murray
mclauchlin, spirit of the west)

Morgan Sutherland wrote:

> > morgan... forgive me, but what difference is there between sylvi's
> > writing and w00t omgwtfbbq pwnt?
> Sylvi actually has something to say and I'd like to hear it.
> On 10/14/05, miriam clinton (iriXx) <> wrote:
> > Morgan Sutherland wrote:
> >
> > >Sylvi, why must you write in this pseudo-clever confusing mash-up
> > >schizo poetry form. It's barely comprehensible... and that's all.
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > morgan... forgive me, but what difference is there between sylvi's
> > writing and w00t omgwtfbbq pwnt?
> >
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> > 99% of aliens prefer Earth
> > --Eminem
> >
> >
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