Re: Keeping Reminders (to curb behavior)

Subject: Re: Keeping Reminders (to curb behavior)
From: Eric Savanis (
Date: Fri Oct 14 2005 - 17:34:37 EDT

8 years ago I heavily got into shaminism and particulary the works of
Carlos of his books (which consists of quotes from his
first 6) is my bedside companion, anytime I'm in a slump, musically or
otherwise, it takes 10 minutes and I'm out of my "period of
sedation"...Aleister Crowley(no he's not as bad as they say he is)
also has that affect on me as well...Just 2 or 3 pages and the "fires
of inspiration are set a blaze"

On 10/14/05, Eliot Handelman <> wrote:
> Morgan Sutherland wrote:
> >Does anybody keep certain things around them to keep yourself from
> >forgetting certain truths. What I mean is, like keeping a book of
> >meaningful quotes, leaving books around our studio areas, hanging
> >certain posters/paintings, keeping certain songs CD's on your desktop
> >(virtual and real)?
> >
> >
> That reminds of a quote from Andre Malraux I used to have on my fridge. It
> was something like: "at first, the artist hangs in his studio the
> pictures he admires.
> These gradually disappear until he is painting alone. Then he too
> disappears." Then I
> moved and decided not to take the quote with me.
> -- eliot

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