Re: Keeping Reminders (to curb behavior)

Subject: Re: Keeping Reminders (to curb behavior)
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 20:18:35 EDT

dear Morgan on dat Quest

usually friends are helpful to keep hanging 'round, like those found in
educational (non-competitive) endeavors, ie on CEC-Dis.Cuss (i mean)
Conference to share ideas about hardware / software / composing /
narrative / semantics etc and call for 'cool' sounds from outer or inner
space ;-) who are not afraid to tell you when you are getting on your
high horse or wheel chair ;-)

less is usually more for living spaces ... as your book (from th No
Theatre of Japan) admits / attests ...does this mean yu are going to
bring sushi to th hockey game ? mmmm :-) (ascii-happy to be eating sushi)
arigato / arigato / arigato / arigato / arigato / arigato / arigato /
arigato / arigato / after all we only need one fish and a loaf of bread
to share :-)

west regards, sylvi macCormac
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc
trying to write & compose like James Joyce
or WB Yeats and failing miser-ably (a123&4...)

Morgan Sutherland wrote:

> Does anybody keep certain things around them to keep yourself from
> forgetting certain truths. What I mean is, like keeping a book of
> meaningful quotes, leaving books around our studio areas, hanging
> certain posters/paintings, keeping certain songs CD's on your desktop
> (virtual and real)?
> I have a book of pictures of low-end Tokyo apartments called "Tokyo: A
> Certain Style" that i keep around to give me ideas about organizing my
> living space.
> Just wondering if this is an advisable and popular practice with
> y'all. I certainly find it helpful and should probably commit more
> time to it.

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