Re: Experimental MIDI Sequencing

Subject: Re: Experimental MIDI Sequencing
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 16:56:37 EDT

At the moment I want to stay away from programming environments like
MAX, PD etc. in favor of pre-developed programs. This is because I'm
planning on delving into MAX/MSP at a later date, but I really don't
have time for it now. Just wanted to see what people's thoughts were
on the topic. Thanks though.

On 10/12/05, Ryan Supak <> wrote:
> I use PD for MIDI parsing; I have to say it uses virtually no processor and
> has excellent latency -- the drawback being that the learning curve is
> rather shallow.
> I'm messing with Bidule right now as well, since instances of it can now
> run as a VST or AU.
> $0.01,
> rs

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