Re: Let's Talk About College

Subject: Re: Let's Talk About College
From: John Nowak (
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 04:17:46 EDT

On Oct 10, 2005, at 9:21 PM, Morgan Sutherland wrote:

> So John Nowak has successfully convinced me that I should not even
> bother studying computer music as it is much more useful to study
> new-media in general.

Just to clarify, this was through off-list correspondence, not my on-
list ranting. ;-)

> My list looks something like this now:
> Washington University (DX Arts program)
> UCSB (CREATE program with Curtis Roads)
> CalArts (computer music with Tom Erb)
> Parsons (Design and Technology)
> The top 3 i want to avoid due to location.

Similar situation here. I wanted to be in NYC, and hence I'm at Parsons.

> Anywhere else with these
> types of programs? It's so hard to search for colleges that offer
> majors/departments with ambiguous titiles like "new media" or "design
> and technology".

Fair assessment. I think most of us would agree the terms are not

- John

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